Project Self-evaluation and Good Practice Documentation

The working group is aimed to enhance the capacity of both trade unions and employers in understanding national law and international labour standards in the employment contract.


The purpose of this internal evaluation is to (i) review the results achieved against the expected project deliverables and outcomes and (ii) identify correction measures that should be taken into account in any future programme interventions. In particular, the evaluation will identify the achievements, emerging good practices and lessons learned from the project and will assess the continued feasibility of the project design, particularly in the context of promoting decent work in palm oil plantation.


The project, entitled “Promoting decent work in Indonesia’s palm oil sector, has been implemented since April 2017 with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. The objective is to improve workers’ access to rights and quality jobs while supporting enterprises in implementing core international labour standards and national labour laws to improve both compliance and competitiveness in their supply chains. The project does so by inter alia supporting sector-specific social dialogue, strengthening labour regulation and enforcement of national legislation, and improving productivity and skills.

The programme works at both the global and national levels. Country programmes combine efforts aimed at improving the capacity of national partners to identify and address key labour and employment issues in the sector and providing enterprise advisory, and training services to support practical improvements through workplace cooperation. At the global level, the programme develops practical tools to help enterprises improve their compliance with labour standards and increase their competitiveness.