ILO 100 OSH Campaign

Launch of the National Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Profile 2018 and Seminar on Young Workers’ Protection

The event is aimed to increase the knowledge of young people in OSH and strengthen national dialogue on OSH in support of stronger workplace prevention culture.


The objectives of the Launch of National OSH Profile and Seminar stakeholder dialogue are to:
  1. Increase the knowledge of young people in OSH;
  2. Strengthen the involvement of OSH stakeholders in providing protection for young people; and
  3. Strengthen national dialogue on OSH in support of stronger workplace prevention culture.

Activities and Participants

This TOR includes two major activities. Morning session is the launching of the National OSH Profile 2018 and OSH tools. The afternoon session is seminar’s activityfocuses on stakeholder dialogue related to protection for young workers. The ILO will invite 100 people for both activities.

Launch of the National OSH Profile

This profile is the first National OSH Profile document developed by the Government of Indonesia. This profile becomes a platform for many parties to monitor and evaluate the development of OSH in Indonesia. The ILO will begin the Launch of the National OSH Profile activity by providing brief information about the National OSH Profile 2018 by officials of the Ministry of Manpower. Information to be explained can include: background; data displayed; and challenges faced by Indonesia.

The ILO will invite the Minister of Manpower, senior officials from a number of ministries, representatives of employers and trade unions, OSH experts/practitioners, representatives of universities, and students to attend this event. The ILO also hopes that the Minister of Manpower will provide input and simultaneously launch this 2018 National OSH Profile.

The National OSH Profile 2018 launch in June 2019 will be marked by the submission of this document to OSH Stakeholders representatives. This is a sign that all OSH stakeholders can improve the quality of OSH implementation in Indonesia.

On this occasion to maximize the commitment to implement OSH in Indonesia, This Nationalthe national OSH council Launch Profile will also be carried out simultaneously with the launch of OSH Tools developed over the years, . This tool is a communication tool about OSH where stakeholders of OSH and youth can be involved in giving, requesting and getting information related to OSH. The National OSH Council will follow up on the use of the OSH Platform as a media for communication and OSH campaigns, specifically increasing sensitivity and protection practices for young workers. Youth champions trained in on the use of tools will demonstrate the use of OSH tools and Platform.

In the OSH Tools Launch, the ILO will invite all participants who have benefited from these trainings. They (especially representatives of the National OSH Council and Youth Champion) will explain the purpose and function of the OSH Platform. They will later be asked to demonstrate the use of OSH Platform.

The simultaneous launch of two documents also marks Indonesia's increasing commitment to implementing OSH in Indonesia.

Seminar Stakeholder Dialogue on Protection for Young Workers

During the afternoon session, the ILO will hold a Seminar on Protection for Young Workers in Indonesia from Work Hazards. This seminar will focus on protection for those who work in the construction sector, both formal and informal, both in the supply chain and independent networks.

The ILO will invite the Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) of the SafeYouth@Work Project from ILO Geneva and officials from the Ministry of Manpower and the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing as resource persons. The ILO will also invite professionals, and young workers to provide information about OSH related practices they face. They will all be asked to provide the right views and ideas to address the issue of protection for young people from work hazards. A selected Youth Champion will become moderator of this seminar.

The views and ideas are also expected to include information about good practices in the protection and enhancement of OSH in Indonesia. Views and ideas are also expected to explore changes brought when moving to the future of work, identifying challenges and opportunities for OSH.

The views and ideas that emerged in the seminar will color and enrich the National OSH Program that is being made, as a follow-up topart of this National OSH Profile.

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