Podcast - Occupational health and safety in the oil palm plantations

Have you ever wondered where the products that we consume on a daily basis, from cooking oil, cosmetics, soaps, and even biodiesel fuel mixtures come from to where they can be used by us? And what are the working conditions on oil palm plantations in Indonesia?

Date issued: 07 April 2022 | Size/duration: 00:31:44
Palm oil is one of Indonesia's leading commodities as one of the largest foreign exchange earners which is also a labor-intensive sector. Based on data from the Ministry of Agriculture (2019), the number of workers in oil palm plantations is large, both private and state, reaching 4.42 million workers in oil palm plantations. This number does not include employees who work in palm oil companies. With so many workers, this time we discuss about working conditions and a culture that respects occupational health & safety in the palm oil industry.

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