ERA Snapshots in YouTube

The ERA Snapshot series gives short glimpses of The ERA Project, which is a project financed by the European Union and implemented by the ILO, with the main objective of improving rural access in Timor-Leste by rehabilitating and maintainining rural roads. The strategy is to train and contract local companies and to involve local communities through a so called labour-based approach.

Date issued: 10 April 2015 | Size/duration: 10 videos

List of 20 (twenty) ERA Snapshots uploaded into the ILO TV in Youtube.

Click on each title to see the video.

Fatubosa Village Chief on the importance of roads to improve livelihoods for local communities

Contractor trained by the project describing implementation of a road contract

Community member who worked on the project and the benefits for the local community

Ilat Laun Village Chief on the tourism potential in Marobo and the need to have a good access road

ERA Supervisor on the rehabilitation and maintenance works and process of accessing the training

Leohitu Village Chief on the importance of good access for security and development

Community member who participated in the works and who improved his house with the money earned

Community member and the benefits of participating in the road project

Observations by members of the Nepalese delegation during their visit to Timor-Leste

Director of Barver Unipessoal describes her participation in the ERA Project

Don Bosco Field Instructor on the participation in the ERA Project and benefits of the approach

Coffee farmer in Letefoho on the benefits of the improved access

Visit by the EU Rural Development Programme Officer to pavement training

New Zealand Ambassador Jonathan Schwass visits the Don Bosco pavement training

Engineer from Lisalau Company participating in pavement training

Don Bosco Training Engineer on the pavement training

Engineer from Aurea Company participating in the pavement training

Don Bosco Training Engineer on importance to improve capacity of Timorese companies

Manager of Maubisse Eco Lodge on the benefits of the improved road access for the tourism business