Speech for the Workshop on Validation of Final Draft National Occupational Safety and Health Programme 2020 – 2024

By Michiko Miyamoto, Director of ILO for Indonesia and Timor-Leste

Statement | Jakarta, Indonesia | 26 November 2019
Distinguished Persons:
  • Acting Director General on Labour Inspection Norms Development and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), Bapak Iswandi
  • Director on Labour Inspection on OSH, Bapak Ghazmahadi and staffs
  • Senior Officials from Line Ministries, and National Bodies,
  • Representatives of Trade Confederations, Employers’ Associations
  • Representatives of Professionals, Universities, Media, and Youth

Assalaamualaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh,

Selamat pagi…

I am honored to be with all of you today. I am honored because I am present with people who are eager to improve the quality of occupational safety and health (OSH) in one of the major countries in the world: Indonesia. I am honored because I am in the midst of those who fight for increased productivity and economic growth.

ILO Convention No. 187 which has been ratified by Indonesia through Presidential Regulation No. 34 Year 2014 is basically an ILO push for Member States to strengthen their National OSH System. Strengthening the National OSH System is deemed necessary to show that OSH is a universal language that can be used as a medium of communication and improvement for the life of the nation and people. Not many issues or systems in the world can have the power to unite many groups in improving the quality of life, especially the economy. Not surprisingly, many say that OSH is a human right for everyone and a very important thing in improving the economy.

ILO Jakarta records that Indonesia's efforts and commitment to improve the quality of OSH have been going strong for a long time. This strong desire has been seen especially since 1970, starting with the National Law No. 1 Year 1970 on Occupational Safety. This effort was followed by the emergence of a number of important laws and regulations, starting from strengthening the OSH issue in National Law No. 13 Year 2003 on Labour, Government’s Regulation No. 50 Year 2012 Regarding OSH Management System, and regulations at the ministry level.

The ILO is aware that this effort Indonesia once had the National OSH Program 2008 - 2013. The implementation of the program certainly becomes a reference for the current OSH quality.

Today, the ILO again notes, Indonesia's commitment has been again strengthened by the desire to realize the National OSH Programme 2020-2024 to be part of an important legal structure in improving the quality of OSH. The ILO was told that this time the commitment will be contained and protected in a Presidential Decree which does not only bind in the labor context, but also encourages other sectors, such as education, to take part in mainstreaming this issue in the world of primary and secondary education. For the ILO, this is in accordance with our idea: Nothing is better than building a culture of prevention starting with youth.

The ILO recognizes that the National OSH Programme 2020-2024 to be legalized in the form of a Presidential Decree has been prepared with a focus on social dialogue, in which trade unions and employers are involved in developing this programme. Their involvement is very important. Because, they are the parties who will directly benefit from the existence of this programme. Their involvement will be a good practice for other member countries in developing this programme.

The biggest challenge of the National OSH Programme is the extent to which the programme will be monitored and evaluated regularly. The ILO understands that this challenge will inevitably require mutual concern and strength so that what happens in the implementation can contribute to continuous improvement.

Finally, ILO Jakarta feels proud and honored to have participated in encouraging and facilitating this initiative since last year. We are always ready to work together to improve the quality of OSH in Indonesia, especially when the programme was enacted. We give high appreciation to the government, trade unions, employers, and other stakeholders involved in the development of the National OSH Programme 2020-2024. Believe me that future generations will note, appreciate and thank you for this very important effort.

A lot of Thanks.

Wassalaamualaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh

Director ILO Jakarta

Michiko Miyamoto