News and press releases

This is a list of official ILO press releases issued by the ILO office in Jakarta and Timor-Leste. Some are available in multiple languages, indicated on the top of each release. The most recent release is at the top.


  1. © ILO/Pichit Phromkade 2024

    Tens of thousands of women migrant workers are empowered by Gender Responsiveness-One Roof Integrated Services Centers

    30 January 2024

    The ILO supports the establishment of Gender Responsiveness-One Roof Integrated Service Center (LTSA-MRC) in four districts to advocate and empower tens of thousands of women migrant workers.

  2. New employment opportunities for laid-off workers on digital entrepreneurship

    25 January 2024

    ILO digital entrepreneurship training, jointly conducted with Evermos, a social commerce reseller platform, not only provides new digital skills, but also opens a new, inclusive employment opportunity.

  3. Women work 100 hours per week but still consider unproductive: Magdalene-ILO Care work social experiment

    18 January 2024

    What happens if you are paid to do care work that you usually do at home?

  4. ILO and BRIN kick off a joint survey on decent work in marine fishing in Indonesia

    15 January 2024

    To support more efficient policies and interventions that better protect Indonesian fishers from forced labour, the ILO’s 8.7 Accelerator Lab programme and the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) conducts a joint survey on fishers’ working conditions in Indonesia.

  5. ILO joins forces with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Manpower to strengthen the protection of Indonesian migrant workers in destination countries

    10 January 2024

    The ILO supports the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Manpower with the training manual and capacity building programme on labour consular services for better protection of Indonesian migrant workers.

  6. © ILO 2024

    ASEAN delegates gain insights from Korea on social protection schemes

    08 January 2024

    Workshop highlights best practices and lessons learned in implementing Employment Injury and Insurance Schemes.

  7. Mediators in Timor-Leste promote social dialogue for better dispute resolution

    05 January 2024

    The ILO training has improved the capacity of mediators in Timor-Leste for better dispute prevention and resolution in the country.

  8. Gender-sensitive labour inspectors promote a workplace free from violence and harassment

    04 January 2024

    ILO training helps Indonesian labour inspectors to be more gender sensitive and to implement the new labour inspection guideline to prevent and handle discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence in the workplace.


  1. ILO provides capacity building training to strengthen public employment services in Indonesia

    19 December 2023

    The ILO in collaboration with Binapenta, Ministry of Manpower Indonesia, organized an in-person training of trainers on public employment services counselling.

  2. Lifelong learning vital for workers and businesses to navigate Asia's skills landscape evolution

    18 December 2023

    Skills experts from across Asia make case for continuous learning in order to keep ahead of momentous changes taking place in workplaces.