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Five Indonesian trade union confederations declare their support to the quality apprenticeship

Trade unions have an important, strategic role in ensuring the implementation of the quality apprenticeship in the country. Five trade unions confederations have declared their supports.

News | Jakarta, Indonesia | 01 July 2019
The signed Trade Union Declaration on Quality Apprenticeship
Five trade union confederations declared their support to the implementation of the quality apprenticeship programme in Indonesia. The declaration was part of the national event on apprenticeship conducted by the ILO titled “Building a Competent Generation of Indonesia”, held in Jakarta.

The declaration was made by the Confederation of Indonesian Prosperity Labour Union (KSBSI), the All Indonesia Workers Union Confederation (KSPSI), the All Indonesia Workers Union Confederation – CAITU (KSPSI-CAITU), the Confederation of National Workers Union (KSPN) and the Confederation of Indonesian Moslem Trade Union (K-SABURMUSI).

The declaration emphasized the support from these five trade union confederations to the implementation of the quality apprenticeship programme. Signed on 26 June 2019 by Heads of the five trade union confederations, the declaration underlines six standards that should be part of the implementation of quality apprenticeship programme:
  1. Structured programmes based on the National Competency Work Standard of Indonesia) or International Standards or Special Standards:
  2. Competent instructors or mentors;
  3. The structure and workplan of the apprenticeship programme should consist of off and on the job training;
  4. Competency assessment for apprentices by internal and external assessors;
  5. An apprenticeship agreement between the company and the apprentice; and
  6. Regular monitoring programmes conducted by the government, workers’ and employers’ organizations.
In addition to the declaration, an informational book for trade union on quality apprenticeship was also launched. The book serves as informational resources and references for trade union confederations and their members on the implementation of quality apprenticeship and the strategic role of the trade unions in supporting the programme. The book also features good practices on quality apprenticeship that have involved the trade union as part of the Apprenticeship Committee.