Events and meetings

The ILO Country Office for Pakistan organizes and takes part in a wide range of meetings, conferences, workshops and training events. More information about the events listed below can be found by clicking on the relevant link.


  1. ILO Country Directors mission to Balochistan

    11 - 12 August 2015

    As part of his concluding visits to the four provinces in Pakistan, Mr Francesco d’Ovidio will meet with Secretary Labour Balochistan, Social Partners and Stakeholders to reaffirm ILO’s commitment towards the promotion of decent work in Pakistan and Baluchistan Province in particular.

  2. Three-day consultative workshop on ‘How to implement Social Protection Floors”

    10 - 12 August 2015

    The workshop, facilitated by ILO Head Quarters, will review the existing status of social protection in KP Province and identify a clear way forward for implementation by looking at a) reshaping the functions of the social protection system in line with the vision of draft KP Social Protection Policy; b) the design, institutional set up and c) organizational structure for Social Protection in KP.

  3. Training of Facilitators (ToF) on “Know about Business

    10 - 21 August 2015

    The ten-day training course will develop a pool of Enterprise-Facilitators in flood-prone rural areas of Sindh Province. The Facilitators will be equipped with ILO’s entrepreneurship tool ‘Know-About-Business’ and will cascade enterprise-education to more than 2000 women and men – mostly landless peasants and home-based workers, to ensure their livelihoods during the flooding period in their areas. This training is part of ILO’s One-UN project “Livelihood Restoration, Protection and Sustainable Empowerment of Vulnerable Peasant Communities in Sindh Province” funded by United Nations Trust Funds for Human Security - UNTFHS.

  4. ILO and Government of Pakistan signing of the Letter of Understanding to Support the PPP on Labour Law Compliance in the Textile Sector in Faisalabad

    9 July 2015

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Federal Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development and the Provincial Department of labour, Punjab will sign a Letter of Understanding to support the Public Private Partnership on Labour Law Compliance in the Textile Sector in Faisalabad. A PPP was signed between the ILO and the Pakistan Textiles Exporters Association earlier in February this year. The cooperation will continue for three years and will cover more than 200 industrial units.

  5. Round Table meeting on World Day Against Child Labour, convened by the Employers Federation of Pakistan.

    30 June 2015

    The representatives from Government, Workers, Employers and economic sectors will discuss the Sialkot Soccer Ball Industry Model as example for other industries to do business in the current GSP+ environment. This is for the application of International Labour Standards (ILS) in sectoral supply chains for enhanced productivity and better competitiveness in global markets

  6. Third Buyers’ Forum

    23 June 2015

    The third Buyers Forum in Pakistan will be convened on 23rd June 2015. At this platform, the Buyers will reaffirm their commitment to better labour and environmental practices in the textile sector.

  7. National Consultation on Youth Employment

    17 June 2015

    ILO and UNDP Pakistan will convene a national consultation to discuss the current issues and constraints faced by youth in getting decent employment in Pakistan.

  8. Experience sharing event- “Employable Skills Development for Improved Livelihoods of Temporarily Displaced Persons (TDPs) in North Waziristan Agency (NWA)”.

    28 May 2015

    The event will be held under ILO’s project on “Employable Skills Development for Improved Livelihoods of Temporarily Displaced Persons (TDPs) in North Waziristan Agency (NWA) funded by UNDP. The event will highlight the achievements made under the project.

  9. Launch of Migrant Resource Centre in Lahore

    6 May 2015

    The ILO in Pakistan, through its EU funded South Asia Labour Migration Governance Project, has entered into a partnership with the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development to establish the first Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) in Pakistan. The MRC will be based in the Protectorate of Emigrates offices in Lahore, a space that is visited by hundreds of Pakistani migrant workers on a daily basis. The MRC will provide a range of services including information on safe migration and foreign employment options, as well as other support services that will facilitate their migration process.

  10. 2015 World Day on Safety & Health at Work

    28 April 2015

    The Safe Day celebrations on 28th April 2015 will be characterized by a series of events across the country including the 10th OSH awards organised by the Employers Federation of Pakistan (EFP) in collaboration with the Pakistan Workers Federation (PWF), the Provincial and Federal Labour departments and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

  11. Awareness raising seminar on Sindh Industrial Relations Act of 2013

    26 March 2015

    The project intends to organize an awareness raising seminar on Sindh Industrial Relations Act of 2013 (SIRA) passed by the Provincial Assembly of Sindh. The proposed seminar is aimed at creating awareness on SIRA, among the tripartite stakeholders. It is important that Agriculture labourers know their rights provided by SIRA. Similarly the landlords and Agriculture sector employers need to be educated on their obligations and responsibilities.

  12. Launch of Code of Conduct and National Action Plan on Ethical Recruitment

    18 March 2015

    Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA) will unveil their National Action Plan (NAP) on Ethical Recruitment and will sign it to show their commitment and action to promote ethical recruitment practices in Pakistan. POEPA has developed their sectoral Code of Ethical Conduct and NAP with the technical and financial support from ILO under EU funded project South Asia Labour Migration Governance. Action Plan focus on POEPA strengthening, protection of migrant workers, lobbying and advocacy for easy and low cost migration processes, better anticipation of skills needs, exchange good practices at regional level and promotion of ethical recruitment.

  13. ILO-LRP's Strategy on DRR

    15 March 2015

    : Soliciting innovative ideas from stakeholders and the partner UN agencies on how to increase the resilience of informal jobs and micro- enterprises against the recurring disasters, insecurities and threats? Ideas will culminate into ILO-LRP’s DRR strategy.

  14. ‘Buyers Forum’ on Textiles in Pakistan

    27 February 2015

    Members of the buyers forum, formed as a result of the Buyers meeting in Dec 2014, will meet to organise themselves, endorse and agree on a Governance Structure that will facilitate the operation of the Buyers’ Forum on Textiles in Pakistan. The outcomes of the preparatory session will be taken up as key discussion points for the First Buyers Forum Meeting to be held in April 2015. This preparatory session is being planned in Karachi on the side of the upcoming Textile Expo Fair on 27 February.

  15. Round Table on child care with parliamentarians from Sindh

    24 February 2015

    Round table discussion bridging to share low cost child care models and devise resolutions on issues child care providers, working parents, employers and government face.

  16. Training of trainers course for trade unions in Pakistan on Decent Work for migrant workers

    24 - 25 February 2015

    The ILO under its EU funded “South Asia Labour Migration Governance Project” will organize a two days ToT course for trade unionists in Pakistan. The aim of this capacity building initiative is to equip the trade union management with latest knowledge around international, regional and national legal instruments and framework for the protection of the migrant workers’ rights and skills to perform their role and responsibilities in the contemporary world to ensure decent work for migrant.

  17. Round Table on child care with parliamentarians from Punjab

    19 February 2015

    Round table discussion bridging to share low cost child care models and devise resolutions on issues child care providers, working parents, employers and government face.

  18. Forging Public Private Partnership for Promoting Decent Work in Garment and Textile Industry in Faisalabad

    17 February 2015

    A signing ceremony to formalise the collaboration between ILO and Pakistan Textiles Exporters Association on Promoting Decent Work in Garment and Textile Industry in Faisalabad is being held on February 17, 2015 in Marriott Hotel Islamabad. The event will feature signing of a Partnership Agreement between the ILO and PTEA that entails a comprehensive framework on improving industrial relations through training and compliance with International Labour Standards including occupational safety and health, wages, nature of employment, discrimination and other forms of exploitative labour practices. As well as strengthening employers’ and workers’ organizations in garment and textile industry. Minister for Commerce, Khurram Dastagir and Minster for Water and Power, Chaudhry Abid Sher Ali are expected to grace the event as chief guests. Ministry of Overseas Pakistani and Human Resource Development; Textile Industry and Commerce will be represented by senior officials. While Employers’ Federation of Pakistan and Pakistan Workers’ Federation and representatives from development agencies will also witness the signing ceremony.

  19. National Steering Committee-GE4DE Meeting

    10 February 2015

    Second meeting of the National Steering Committee of GE4DE project to get guidance on project strategy and priority areas while sharing achievements and bottlenecks till date.

  20. Joint stakeholders meeting: Labour Administration Project

    9 February 2015

    The meeting will be convened by the Ministry OP-HRD in collaboration with the ILO to draw inputs to a proposal on Strengthening Labour Administration for Strengthening ILS in Pakistan. The main actors actors involved in supporting ILS reporting in Pakistan consulted include Frederich Ebert Stiftung (FES) , American Solidarity Centre, PILR and DRI.