Press releases

This is a list of official ILO press releases issued by the ILO Office in Pakistan. Some are available in Urdu and this is indicated on the top of each release. The most recent release is at the top.


  1. Launch of Research-based Visual Products on Combating Child Labour

    01 July 2013

    Everyday around 115 million children are exposed to hazardous work around the globe, including 15.5 million children who are engaged in domestic work outside their own homes according to the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO).

  2. Ten million children suffer in domestic work around the world: ILO global study

    12 June 2013

    On the World day against Child Labour promoting “No Child Labour in Domestic Work” new global data on child domestic works have been announced.

  3. Provinces finalize Action Plans against Child Labour & Bonded Labour and agree to improve reporting on ILO Conventions

    01 June 2013

    All provincial labour departments agreed on action plans to revise labour legislations regarding child and bonded labour and subsequent actions. Moreover, the Ministry of Human Resource Development and Provincial Labour Departments have also agreed in action plans to improve reporting on ILO Conventions.

  4. The Gender Unit, Department of Labour Punjab, wins prestigious UN Public Service Award

    14 May 2013

    The Gender Unit, Department of Labour, Punjab, established under the ILO, CIDA funded project, Promoting Gender Equality for Decent Employment (GE4DE), has, from amongst 2000 applicants, won a United Nations Public Service Award in recognition of its work on gender mainstreaming.

  5. Secretary-General's statement on the upcoming national elections in Pakistan

    09 May 2013

    Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General on the upcoming national elections in Pakistan

  6. Police Officers trained to address legal needs of bonded labourers

    24 April 2013

    The Sindh Police in collaboration with the International Labour Organization conducted a 3-day master trainer course on Strengthening Actions and Responses against Bonded Labour.

  7. ILO supported Sindh TEVTA in establishing 147 Institute Management Committees to strengthen ‘Industry-Institute Linkages’

    16 April 2013

    The Empowering Vulnerable Groups through Education, Employment and Training (EET project) has supported Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority in strengthening industry-institute linkages (IIL) and work place learning (WPL) for TEVT institutes. In this regard studies to look at the current IIL and WPL practices were undertaken. The national seminar was held to present the findings and recommendations of the studies and to bring to light enablers and barriers of workplace learning in the context to technical and vocational education; and promote importance of IIL and WPL in workforce skills development.

  8. Provinces review Labour Laws with ILO Conventions

    29 March 2013

    More amendments are needed to harmonize the provincial Labour Legislations in line with Pakistan’s ratified ILO conventions. This was agreed by the representatives from the four provincial departments of labour, Gilgit-Baltistan, Employers Federation of Pakistan (EFP) and Pakistan Workers Federation (PWF) who jointly reviewed the labour laws in a four days’ workshop, 26-29 March 2013, held in Islamabad.

  9. Joint statement: The United Nations strongly condemns attacks on minorities in Pakistan

    11 March 2013

    The United Nations firmly condemns the on-going violence in the country, particularly the recent tragic events in Quetta, Karachi and this past weekend in Lahore, targeting especially religious and ethnic minorities in Pakistan.

  10. Cultural Mela: Creative art work of Brick Kiln workers

    27 February 2013

    Brick kiln workers presented their life experiences through creative art in a Cultural Mela held in Lahore.

  11. First ever National Policy for Overseas Pakistanis

    20 February 2013

    The Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis has drafted a first ever National Policy for Overseas Pakistanis with a focus on maximizing welfare and empowerment of Pakistani diaspora working in different countries across the globe.


  1. First ever professional association of career counsellors launched by ILO

    21 December 2012

    The first ever professional Association for ‘Career Counsellors and Vocational Guides’ has been launched here by International Labour Organization (ILO). The Association will comprise of the trained and qualified Career Counsellors and it will help in professionalization of Career Counselling sector in Pakistan.

  2. National consultations to improve ILS reporting

    20 December 2012

    Pakistan is taking steps to streamline its reporting obligation on the ratified International Labour Conventions to the ILO’s Supervisory Bodies. In this regard, a joint action plan agreed by the four provincial Labour Departments in a workshop jointly organized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MoHRD) and the ILO held on 18-19 December in Bhurban.

  3. Government, Employers’ and Workers’ Organizations sign “Joint Statement of Commitment” to promote “Safety and Health at Workplace” in Sindh Province

    06 December 2012

    The Government of Sindh jointly with stakeholders has developed a consensus for action plan to prevent Baldia Factory Fire like incidents in future during a day long consultation in Karachi.

  4. European Union and ILO support minimum age for employment to be set at 14 years

    09 October 2012

    A European Union funded and ILO implemented project Combating Abusive Child Labour (CACL-II), has supported that the minimum age for employment should be set at 14 years. This is in compliance with the ILO Convention no. 138 on “minimum age in employment”.

  5. Pakistan must ensure Decent Work for its 55 million work force

    20 September 2012

    The Government, and employers’ and workers’ organisations in Pakistan reaffirmed their commitment to promoting social justice through decent work today!

  6. ILO response to factory fires in Karachi

    13 September 2012

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) is deeply shocked and concerned to learn of the death of more than 280 workers in a factory fire in Karachi. The ILO extends its condolences to the families of the victims.

  7. ILO-GIZ’s joint initiative for Pakistan, Afghanistan & Uzbekistan: Overcoming Post-Conflict Economic Challenges through Private Sector Development

    07 September 2012

    A new approach involving private sector to overcome economic challenges in post-conflict situation has been introduced to donors and practitioners from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

  8. WOMEN - Only 2 per cent trade union members in the formal and invisible in the informal economy

    08 August 2012

    Women constitute only 2 per cent membership of the trade unions in Pakistan, this figure does not even include informal economy of which more than 70% are women. This alarming figure was shared in a training workshop, “Training of trainers in developing women leadership in trade unions” held at Naran from 28 July to 8 August 2012.

  9. ILO, UNICEF, UNESCO & EU observed World Day against Child Labour in Pakistan

    18 June 2012

    ILO jointly with UNICEF, UNESCO and EU organised seminar on 12 June to observe the World Day Against Child Labour in Pakistan.