Launch of first SCORE Alumni Network

ILO Pakistan launches its first SCORE Alumni Network event in Karachi through its European Union Funded ILES Project, recognises the completion of the SCORE short course by eight enterprises and certifies six national trainers in its SCORE project.

Press release | Karachi, Pakistan | 12 March 2020
KARACHI (ILO News): The ILO’s International Labour and Environmental Standards Application in Pakistan’s SMEs (ILES) project, funded by the European Union, launched its first Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) Alumni Network event in Pakistan on 27 February 2020. The project is designed to improve workplace cooperation, quality and productivity on enterprises in the textile, ready made garment and leather sectors
The network established is intended to provide a platform to all the participating enterprises that have completed the SCORE short course to share lessons learned, discuss challenges faced, collaborate and work together to improve overall compliance with international labour standards.

Whilst celebrating the launch of the Alumni Network, the ILO also distributed certificates to the first batch of eight enterprises which have successfully completed the SCORE short course project.
Certificates were also distributed to the six national trainers who were certified as having successfully completed all of the requirements of the SCORE training of trainers programme. These trainers will now continue to provide support to and extend the programme to other enterprises.

The SCORE project, launched in November 2018, has to date been successfully implemented in eight enterprises and is currently being implemented in another twelve enterprises.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Fasih ul Karim Siddiqui, Secretary General of the the Employers’ Federation of Pakistan, which is working closely with the ILO in piloting and implementing the SCORE project in Pakistan, said that,
“Although it was a slow start, where it was hard to convince the enterprises to adopt SCORE, but seeing its positive results to date, how well it has been adapted and seeing the increased demand, we are really hopeful that the programme will continue to have greater impacts on the overall industry in the near future.”

He also urged the enterprises implementing SCORE to start focusing on calculating the change in production capacity brought through the programme, as it is only then that they would understand the true impact of the project.
The ILO’s ILES project will implement the SCORE project in fifty enterprises in the textile, ready made garment and leather sectors in Karachi.