Representatives of all trade unions in Balochistan get detailed orientation on International Labour Standards

A day long orientation session on International Labour Standards was conducted with 18 Trade Union members representing three major workers' federations & affiliated unions of the province.

Press release | Quetta, Pakistan | 21 May 2017
Quetta (ILO News):Representatives of all trade unions of Balochistan gathered here on Friday for orientation on International Labour Standards (ILS) by ILO, the only specialized agency of the United Nations dealing with rights at work.

The orientation was attended by trade union members from Pakistan Workers Federation (PWF), Pakistan Workers Confederation Balochistan (PWCB) and All Pakistan Labour Federation (APLF). Many of the affiliated union members from irrigation, agriculture, public health engineering, Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation, Bolan Mining Enterprise and others were also present.

‘’It is important that trade union members from all backgrounds and diverse representation know the International Labour Standards and their role in compliance of these standards” said Ingrid Christensen, Country Director, ILO Country Office for Pakistan and added “I am particularly happy to welcome women’s representatives in workers’ activities today”.

The tripartite partners from 187 member states develop international labour standards and ILO assists in actualization of these standards at respective national levels.

The one day orientation session was organized by the “International Labour and Environmental Standards” Project on Friday, May 19, 2017 at Quetta Serena Hotel. The Project is supported by European Union.

The discussions were facilitated by Ms Miranda Fajerman, ILS Specialist, ILO’s Decent Work Team for the South-Asia. Detailed sessions throughout the day included ILS development & supervision mechanism, national situation on ILS compliance, trade unions’ role in monitoring and reporting on compliance, ILS on child labour and strategies to address child labour.

Abdul Salam Baloch, Chairman, Pakistan Workers Federation said that it is satisfying to note that ILO is focusing on compliance of the ILS. Mr Ramzan Achakzai, President, Pakistan Workers Confederation Balochistan welcomed ILO working with all federations and affiliated trade unions which will increase the impact of labour movement in Pakistan. Abdul Haleem Khan, Media Secretary, All Pakistan Labour Federation said ILO also needs to further its support to the trade unions in this marginalized province. Ms Rukhsana Khalid, Chairman Women Wing, All Pakistan Labour Federation shared that ILO encourages women workers to also come ahead and work for their rights at work. Moreover, she said that today’s session on ILS informed trade union leaders on the role in ILS compliance and that they intend to continue the struggle in this regard.