ILO and Government of Pakistan sign Letter of Understanding to Support the PPP on Labour Law Compliance in the Textile Sector in Faisalabad

The Government of Pakistan has committed to facilitating an enabling environment for the private sector to comply with international labour standards and labour laws in Pakistan. This was during the signing of the Letter of Understanding to support the Public Private Partnership on Labour Law Compliance in the Textile Sector in Faisalabad targeting 210 industrial units over the next three years.

Press release | Lahore | 09 July 2015
Islamabad, 9th July 2015: The International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Government of Pakistan represented by the Federal Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development and the Provincial Department of labour, Punjab have signed a Letter of Understanding to support the Public Private Partnership on Labour Law Compliance in the Textile Sector in Faisalabad. The PPP was signed between the ILO and the Pakistan Textiles Exporters Association earlier in February this year.

The Letter of Understanding (LOU) includes a framework to support coordination between Federal and Provincial Governments with the Textile Industry on effective compliance with Labour Laws. An inter-ministerial coordination mechanism which includes the Ministry of Textiles and the Ministry of Commerce is also in place to oversee the implementation of the intervention which will target 2010 industrial units in Faisalabad over the next three years. In 2015, ten industrial units will benefit from the initiative with a progressive roll out. The intervention will also focus on bridging industry with international buyers to enhance compliance through advocacy and dissemination of good practices resulting from the intervention.

Mr Sikandar Ismail Khan, Secretary, Federal Ministry of Overseas Pakistani and Human Resource Development (OPHRD) said that, “The Textile sector is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy and the Government of Pakistan will support all interventions to ensure good industrial relations in this sector in light of the countries GSP Plus status”. He appreciated the technical support of ILO for promoting decent work in Pakistan in general and at enterprise level. Mr. Sikander also acknowledged PTEA for their support and cooperation.

Mr Ishrat Ali, Secretary, Labour and Human Resource Department, Government of Punjab, committed to ensuring that district level support through effective and systematic labour inspection in the participating industrial units would be undertaken.

Representing the ILO Office in Pakistan, Officer in Charge, Ms Belinda Chanda said “the private sector plays a key role in influencing compliance with International Labour Standards as a whole and Labour Laws in particular. This is imperative for productivity and the competitiveness of Pakistan’s textile exports”. “The signing of the Letter of Understanding today is a commitment on the part of the Government of Pakistan in providing an enabling and facilitating environment that supports the implementation of this compliance initiative. This will ensure transparent and effective regulation of the textile sector.”

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