Fair recruitment

Information booklet for Pakistani migrant workers

This booklet provides information on safe migration and fair recruitment to migrant workers departing from Pakistan. It contains information to ensure they are aware of their rights and responsibilities, potential work environment and related challenges, and support mechanisms to protect them against exploitation and deception.

This Information Material was produced by the Global Action to Improve the Recruitment Framework of Labour Migration project (REFRAME), supported by the European Union. The REFRAME project aims at preventing and reducing abusive and fraudulent recruitment practices, and maximizing the protection of migrant workers in the recruitment process and their contribution to development.

The REFRAME Project in Pakistan hosted an intensive training for the Briefing Officers housed at Protectorate of Emigrants Offices (POEs), and Country of Destination specific Facilitation Centers (established by National Vocational Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC)), with the aim to build their capacity deliver standard and comprehensive pre-departure orientation services to the departing migrant workers.

The printed copies of handbook/information booklet were handed to the participants for onward distribution to all departing migrant workers, visiting to receive the mandatory pre-departure orientation. The POEs are visited daily by 300-500 departing migrant workers.