Labour migration in Pakistan

Migrant workers get the short end of the stick © ILO

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Pakistan is one of the largest labour sending countries in the region and as such remittance from the overseas workforce is one of major source of income not only for the families but overall for the country as well. CO-Islamabad has been providing technical support to the Ministry of Labour and other stakeholders in making efforts to tap the potential employment opportunities abroad by promoting safe emigration along with protecting the rights of emigrants.

The ILO Country Office in Pakistan provided technical support to the Ministry of Labour in developing and finalizing the draft National Emigration Policy. It is working with the Bureau of Emigration to promote awareness on HIV/AIDS to the intending emigrants in their pre-departure briefings. Officials of the Ministry of Labour are also providing in-country and overseas training on safe migration especially the issues relating to contractual arrangements and recognition of skills of migrant workers as well as on maximizing development benefits and minimizing adverse impacts, such as: loss of educational investment, skill depletion, social breakdown.

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