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1/5/2010 Facilitating the transition from street to school through mobile schools English Good practices and Lessons learned View
1/5/2010 Good practices on child labour 2010 - Europe region English Good practices and Lessons learned View
1/6/2009 The Government of Romania and the ILO: A decade of cooperation on the elimination of child labour 2000-2009 English Report View
1/1/2007 Steps to the elimination of child labour in Central and Eastern Europe: Emerging good practices and lessons learned English Report View
1/1/2007 Psycho-social rehabilitation of children withdrawn from trafficking and other worst forms of child labour English Report View
1/6/2006 Street children in Romania English Video View
31/12/2005 Child trafficking: the people involved English Report View
31/12/2005 PROTECT CEE - Romania English Fact sheet View
1/12/2004 Ukraine - Trafficking in children for labour and sexual exploitation in the Balkans and Ukraine: Manual for rapid assessment English Report View
1/12/2004 Rapid assessment for trafficking in children for labour exploitation in Romania English Report View
1/1/2004 Desk review on school based monitoring: The potential role and participation of teachers, parents and the community in school-based child labour monitoring English Report View
1/12/2003 Child Labour in Europe and Central Asia: Problem and response English Working Papers View
1/12/2002 Romania - Working street children in Bucharest: A rapid assessment (IWFCL, no 19) English Report View
1/5/2002 Romania: At a glance English Fact sheet View
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