Child labour

Expanding the evidence base and reinforcing policy research for scaling-up and accelerating action against child labour Project

Development Objective

To contribute to the elimination of child labour by addressing the recommendation in the Roadmap to 2016 to upscale and accelerate country level actions against child labour.

Immediate Objectives

  1. By the end of the project, national capacity in regular data collection in 4 selected ILO member states on child labour statistics and also on the extent and nature of child domestic work and of unpaid household services by children will have been further strengthened.
  2. By the end of the project, the analytical capacity in the 4 selected ILO member states on child labour and related livelihood factors to serve as a common platform among key actors for integrated policy responses will have been strengthened.
  3. By the end of the project, governments, social partners and other stakeholders of the 4 selected ILO member states will have been supported in identifying specific areas of policy intervention against child labour for achieving the 2016 target.
  4. By end of the project, the evidence base relating to child labour by updating country-level statistics for core child labour indicators, including hazardous unpaid household services will be enhanced.


The project has four components:
  1. national child labour surveys;
  2. inter-agency country reports;
  3. national workshops to validate the inter-agency country reports; and
  4. updating of core child labour indicators.