Song and video against child labour

Myanmar: “I Wanna Go to School” video animation and song

Two Myanmar artists, Nyan Kyal Say and Saw Phoe Kwar, collaborated with the ILO to raise awareness on child labour as part of a national campaign for the World Day Against Child Labour 2016.

News | 12 June 2016
The video animation “I Wanna Go to School” and song were released as the World Day Against Child Labour was celebrated with events in different parts of the country (Yangon, Ayeyarwady, Bago, Mon State).

According to Nyan Kyal Say, he decided to make the animated film to point out some of the main obstacles the children have been facing, to raise awareness and to motivate people to help the children – particularly, child labourers, in any possible way.

On the other hand, Saw Phoe Kwar mentioned that, “Whenever I go anywhere in the country I spend most of my time with children. I always wonder about the problems of and solutions to the underage children I see working at the teashops, road construction, cleaning places and selling flowers near the traffic lights.”

Both artists believe that their collaboration, as well as those of other artists, will be extremely helpful to one day eliminate child labour everywhere in the world.

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