Concerts against child labour

Musicians in tune for the 2016 World Day Against Child Labour

Musical concerts dedicated to eliminating child labour will be held around France in the lead-up to the World Day on 12 June.

News | 19 May 2016
To mark the 2016 World Day Against Child Labour, a series of concerts have been planned around France as part of the ILO’s Music Against Child Labour Initiative (MACLI). The upcoming concerts taking place on 20 May in Marvejols and 12 June in Marseille are dedicated to the struggle against child labour and will be performed by a mix of children’s choirs and professional musicians.

Launched in 2013 by the ILO and supported by some of the world's greatest musicians, MACLI calls on musicians worldwide to dedicate a concert or song to the struggle against child labour.

As said by the late, great Maestro Claudio Abbado, “Children have the right to play, read and learn. They have the right to happiness. It is our duty to guarantee that for them. Music is an instrument of peace. It can cancel out the system of oppression which still seeks to exploit children, children full of hope, in every corner of the world,”.

The event in Marejols on 20 May will feature 6 children's choirs along with a professional choir and the composer Daniel Beaume. Organized by the children and sponsored by the Department of National Education, the concert, entitled “Il pleut du soleil” (It’s raining sunshine), will take place at 6:30 pm at the Salle Polyvalente de Marejols. See the programme.

Daniel Beaume, a long-time collaborator with the ILO, said that it was important for the children to feel empowered, adding that “children at school can create considerable positive energy and engage with adults if we offer them this opportunity. They are expressing their solidarity with exploited children, something that is particular to what music can do.” See Daniel Beaume's Statement.

The 12 June concert, featuring Chantal Latil and Antonio Mosca, will be held in Marseille on the occasion of the World Day.

Earlier in May, children from the primary school "Camp Major" along with Daniel Beaume and a professional choir performed in Aubagne, dedicating the concert to ending child labour.