Steps toward determining hazardous child labour

Conventions No. 138 and No. 182 require countries to “determine” hazardous child labour (HCL). This means that, together with workers and employers, the government will decide on a list of dangerous work or working conditions which will be prohibited for children under 18.

This training kit has been prepared upon the request of ILO Member countries to assist them in determining HCL for the first time or in revising their existing lists.


  • Steps, describing the 6-step process each country should go through in determining HCL and preparing its HCL list.
  • Examples, showing how four countries have prepared their list according to the six steps.

Technical sheets

Four technical notes providing clarification on legal issues concerning HCL lists:

  • Defining vs. determining: By ratifying Convention No. 182, a country has accepted the definitions established in Article 3 of Convention No. 182. Determination refers to the national process of assessing and making a list of hazardous work as required by Convention No. 182.
  • Age 16-18 exclusion: Pursuant to Convention No. 138 and Recommendation No. 190, hazardous work may EXCEPTIONALLY be authorized from the age of 16 under strict conditions of protection and prior instruction.
  • The competent authority: What or who can lead and formalize the process of determining hazardous work of children.
  • Consultation requirements under Convention No. 182: Hazardous work has to be determined in consultation with representatives of the governments and the social partners (employers’ and workers’ organizations). Civil society and other relevant stakeholders should also be part of the process.