Ghana: Resources


  1. Girl child labour studies, vol.2

    Girl child labour in agriculture, domestic work and sexual exploitation: The cases of Ghana, Ecuador and the Philippines. A comparative analysis

    01 January 2004

    Series of comparative analysis focusing on girl child labour in agriculture, domestic work and sexual exploitation.


  1. Publication

    Skills training strategies to combat worst forms child labour in the urban informal economy in Ghana

    01 September 2003

    The study summarizes the actually available quantitative and qualitative information on the Ghanaian informal economy, introduced by a brief presentation of the structural changes undergone by the informal economy in recent years, linked to the emergence of new informalization processes, and corresponding developments of the informal economy concept itself. It is on the basis of this description of the Ghanaian informal economy that available information on child labour is presented, first on ch

  2. Database

    Child Labour Survey, Ghana, 2000, SPSS format (dataset)

    01 March 2003

  3. Database

    Child Labour Survey, Ghana, 2000, ASCII format (dataset)

    01 March 2003

  4. Publication

    Ghana child labour survey

    01 March 2003

    The Ghana Child Labour Survey is the first nationwide survey in the country specifically designed to collect information on the various aspects of working children, within the framework of the International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC). It is a two-in-one survey, which canvassed children in households as well as children on the street, using two different sample designs.


  1. Publication

    Combating trafficking in children for labour exploitation in West and Central Africa: Synthesis report

    01 December 2001