Ghana: Resources


  1. Instructional material

    Combating child labour in the informal economy with special reference to agriculture: A manual for labour inspectors in Ghana

    01 December 2012

    This manual’s goal is to ensure that agricultural communities have the same/similar access to, and levels of protection provided by labour inspection services for workers in industry and commerce. It also aims to describe the pivotal role of labour inspectors/child labour monitors in the practice of child labour monitoring in agriculture.

  2. Publication

    Institutional and Social Intervention Mapping and Capacity Needs Assessment of District and Community Level Partners for Child Labour Elimination

    01 December 2012

    In view of the need to build capacity of all relevant and key partners of the ILO-CCP/PPP project on Community Action Plans (CAPs), a needs assessment of the community level and district level partners was conducted by ICI in collaboration with ILO.

  3. Instructional material

    School Management Committee Training Manual - Addendum

    02 July 2012

    This reference material is an addendum to the School Management Committee Resource Handbook. The handbook seeks to build on the wealth of experiences and knowledge that communities and particularly the School Management Committees (SMCs) have.

  4. Instructional material

    School Management Committee Training Manual

    02 July 2012

    This document is a Training Manual to guide facilitators in training School Management Committee (SMC) in Ghanaian Basic Schools.

  5. Publication

    Needs assessment of community schools and school management committees in target cocoa growing communities in Ghana

    01 March 2012

    The final document duly edited will be provided later.

  6. Publication

    Report on assessment of coordination capacity in the Child Labour Unit, Labour Department Ghana: Consultancy report

    01 March 2012

    This report summarises the in-depth discussion with the CLU staff and Labour Department Management on the CLU?s current capacity for coordinating the implementation of the Ghana NPA on child labour.

  7. Publication

    Report on the Review of Capacity and Coordination towards Elimination of Child Labour in Ghana, Volume II: Consultancy report on capacity and coordination review process and methodology

    01 March 2012

    This report details the process and methods employed in reviewing and supporting capacity for coordination of initiatives to eliminate child labour in Ghana.

  8. Publication

    Report on the Review of Capacity and Coordination towards Elimination of Child Labour in Ghana. Volume I: Report on the main findings and recommendations

    01 March 2012

    This is volume I of the report on the assessment, detailing the findings and recommendations for strengthening national capacity to coordinate and implement the NP on child labour in Ghana.

  9. Instructional material

    Standard operating procedures and guidelines for addressing the worst forms of child labour in Ghana

    01 February 2012

    This handbook is an invaluable reference tool for project planning, project design, project implementation, project monitoring and evaluation. It is a great tool to guide the prevention, identification, withdrawal, rehabilitation and social reintegration of victims of worst forms of child labour.


  1. Rapid assessment

    Ghana - Rapid Assessment of Alternative or Additional Livelihood for Cocoa Farmers in the Western Region of Ghana

    01 December 2011

    The study sought to identify viable alternative or additional livelihood sources for cocoa families in some districts in the Western Region of Ghana using social survey research methods particularly focus group discussions.