Cooperating out of child labour – Harnessing the untapped potential of cooperatives and the cooperative movement to eliminate child labour

This publication has been produced as a call to action to the world cooperative movement to join hands in fighting child labour. Cooperatives and the cooperative movement have an important, but as yet unharnessed, role to play in the elimination of child labour worldwide.

This report is a call to action to the world cooperative movement to work together in fighting child labour. Cooperatives generally operate in most of the economic sectors where child labourers are found. As cooperatives emphasize commitment to social responsibility, they lend themselves naturally to play an important role in the movement to eliminate child labour. Cooperatives can perform a number of roles: they can ensure that cooperative business operations and supply chains are child labour free; engage in an active awareness-raising campaigns among their members and in the communities in which they operate; and stimulate decent youth employment through training and education programmes. The report concludes that various options such as creating partnerships must be explored. Outlining the general characteristics of child labour, the framework for cooperative action on the issue and best practice methods, the report offers general guidance to cooperative leaders, employees and member.