Malawi: Emerging good practices of the ILO-IPEC project “Support the National Action Plan to Combat Child Labour” (SNAP Malawi)

The SNAP Malawi Project aimed to improve Malawi’s child labour knowledge base institutionalize at the national level intervention models yielding good practices and shift the focus from targeted sectors of child labour to a more integrated area-based approach (IABA)

Instructional material | 30 June 2013
The Project narrowed the geographical scope of action projects from eight districts to three (Mzimba, Kasungu and Mulanje), as well as a site in a fourth district (Lilongwe) designated to replicate and improve good practices to withdraw and prevent children in or at risk of being in domestic work. The idea behind a small number of districts was to create good practice models for laying the foundations and costing of child labour free zones that can be replicated and scaled up throughout the country.

Thus, the documentation of good practices of the SNAP Malawi Project is consistent with the ILO-IPEC policy as well as project’s overall strategic focus and provides useful information for replication and scalability by stakeholders at all levels.

Beyond the SNAP Malawi Project, future programmes and players in combating child labour in Malawi should be able to benefit from these practices. As such, the identification of good practices in this documentation is based on several independent elements5, including the: (i) guiding rationale and/or theme for the good practice; (ii) background to the project in which the good practice emerged in terms of relevant actions taken under the project and reasons behind the actions; (iii) achievements and results of the good practice; and finally, (iv) lessons to be drawn from implementation of the good practice.

The SNAP Malawi Project’s emerging good practices documented in this report are:
  1. Emerging good practice on continuous and consistent programming in the fight against child labour
  2. Emerging good practice on the National Action Plan for Malawi
  3. Emerging good practice on the integrated area-based approach (IABA) to eliminate child labour
  4. Emerging good practice on strengthening local action for community-based child labour monitoring systems (CLMSs) and community infrastructure programmes (CIPs)
  5. Emerging good practice on community regulation through by-laws and service delivery in downstream interventions
  6. Emerging good practice on special needs of child domestic workers
  7. Emerging good practice on involving children through SCREAM programme
  8. Emerging good practice on informal sector targeting through worker organizations and market structures
  9. Emerging good practice on exchange visits