"Libérez les enfants"

The song "Libérez les enfants", composed by Daniel Beaume, was recorded in France in 1999 with the youth choir "l'Accroch' Choeur (College G. Péri, Gardanne). This song is dedicated to all the children in the world who are forced to work in intolerable conditions. We must work together to break the vicious cycle of poverty and to ensure that all children can go to school. Young people from many countries around the world have sung this song to raise awareness on child labour. This sends out an important message that each and every one of us can get involved in the fight against child labour. By mobilising others to take action, we can make a difference and contribute to ending this extreme violation of children's rights. We hope that many many other children, young people and adults will join us in singing this song, forming thus a chain of solidarity in support of this cause. Here you will find the lyrics and the music of the song (including the instrumental version) to use in your child labour awareness raising activities.

Audio | 8 octobre 2013