Lullaby to sing to sleep a child who never rests, by Pilar Jurado

At Madrid’s la Zarzuela Theatre, Pilar Jurado, ILO Special Contributor, will perform her new song for the eradication of child labour "Lullaby to sing to sleep a child who never rests".

Spanish soprano and ILO Special Contributor Pilar Jurado will perform her new anthem for the eradication of child labour on Wednesday 17 December at the Theatre la Zarzuela in Madrid, where she will present her latest work 'The devil in power', which includes a historical tour of Spanish Bel Canto.

The song will be performed at the end of the concert, accompanied by the Granada City Orchestra and the Schola Pueri Cantori of Granada Cathedral, with whom Pilar Jurado premiered her song in June on World Day Against Child Labour.

With this initiative, Pilar is launching her anthem against child labour “Lullaby to sing to sleep a child who never rests” on iTunes and other music platforms. The profits will go entirely to support projects on child labour eradication that the International Labour Organization is promoting around the world. So every person who downloads the song will become a contributor to the ILO’s work to end child labour. Director of the ILO Office for Spain, Joaquin Nieto, and Simon Steyne of the ILO International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour and coordinator of the global of the Music Against Child Labour Initiative will attend the concert.

Pilar Jurado is a co-founder of the Initiative together with other major figures in the world of music including the conductors Daniel Barenboim, José-Antonio Abreu and especially, the late Claudio Abbado, who died in January 2014.

For more information, please visit the Teatro de la Zarzuela website.