The School of Music of Gardanne dedicates the concert of the professors to the fight against child labour

In partnership with the initiative "Music against child labour", two songs on the fight against child labour: "Free the Children" and "The Music" played by the orchestra of the school and the choral group Gabriel.

Programme :

  • Libérez les enfants - words and music Daniel Beaume
  • La musique - words and music Daniel Beaume by the orchestra of the school and the choral group Gabriel-Peri (direction: Justine))
  • Ponticello tango Patrick Roux (Marilyn, Sylvain, Gérard, Patrick)
  • Nachtgesang Max Bruch (Catherine, Sylvain, Antoine)
  • Quatuor avec flute en ré majeur de Mozart (Nathalie, Delphine, Catherine, Fabrice)
  • Tango pour Claude Richard Galliano (Angélique, Bruno)
  • Ouverture sur des thèmes juifs Serguei Prokofiev (Florence, Nathalie, Angélique, Delphine, Catherine, Sylvain)
  • Night and Day Cole Porter (Marc, Patrick, Sébastien, Emmanuel)
  • Vous avez dit Bach ? (Guy Pruvost arrangments) by the professors
  • Profs (Medley) by the professors
  • What a wonderful world (Marc Campo arrangments) by the professors
  • Va pensiero Giuseppe Verdi by the orchestra of the school of music
  • El pueblo unido jamás sera vencido Sergio Ortega by the orchestra of the school of music

Opening the professors’ concert of the School of Music of Gardanne, the 15 of April, the orchestra and the choir of the G. Peri school played and sang "Free the Children" and "The Music" within the framework of the initiative "Music against child labour”. "Free the Children" was composed by Daniel Beaume, a longtime partner of ILO/IPEC, for the global campaign against child labour, and was broadcast in several countries in collaboration with IPEC. "Music" the latest song by Daniel Baume, was dedicated to the Initiative "Music against Child Labour."

This concert is in conjunction with the project of the School Gabriel Peri of Gardanne, in partnership with the Association Earth Songs (Terre de Chansons). The class orchestra and choir of the school have been invited by IPEC to play and sing “The Music” at the opening of the meeting of the International Steering Committee of IPEC, which will take place June 10, 2014 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.