Survey tools

ILO-IPEC interactive tools in sampling with household-based child labour surveys

SIMPOC, ILO-IPEC's Statistical programme, is developing a set of interactive tools in sampling with household-based child labour surveys or, more generally, surveys dealing with work-related activities of children living in private households.

Matériel didactique | 3 septembre 2014
The set of interactive tools1 are designed to support the procedures for sample design, sample selection, sample weights and sampling errors arising from the use of probabilistic samples. For each topic there is an Excel sheet structured around inputs values that users are required to specify and output values automatically calculated by means of integrated formulas and intermediary calculations. Each Excel sheet has an associated user instructions explaining in detail their use and providing numerical examples for users to practice.

The specific modules included are:

The Excel sheet templates and their corresponding User guidelines should be considered as provisional. They are subject to modifications in the process of their use in different contexts. It is envisaged to release the final complete versions in early 2015.

1 This work was inspired from the templates developed by UNICEF in connection with the implementation of the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS). Visit: