Extend social protection: combat child labour! World Day Against Child Labour, 12 June 2014

Social protection is both a human right and makes sound economic and social sense. Social protection enables access to education, health care and nutrition and plays a critical role in the fight against child labour. This year, World Day Against Child Labour draws attention to the role of social protection in keeping children out of child labour and removing them from it. In 2013, at the III Global Conference on Child Labour in Brasilia, the international community adopted the Brasilia Declaration, which stresses the need for decent work for adults, free, compulsory and quality education for all children, and social protection for all. Echoing those priorities, World Day 2014 calls for:
  • Action to introduce, improve and extend social protection, in line with the ILO Recommendation No. 202 on social protection floors.
  • National social security systems that are sensitive to children’s needs and help fight child labour.
  • Social protection that reaches out to especially vulnerable groups of children.
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Get involved

  1. "Music against Child Labour" Initiative

    The “Music against Child Labour” Initiative links the ILO-IPEC with famous conductors, musicians, musicians’ organizations and music education bodies.

  2. #RedCard to child labour

    All together against child labour

    Join the #RedCard to Child Labour campaign and download the new single, 'Til Everyone Can See".

Get informed

  1. World Report on Child Labour and Social Protection

    Economic vulnerability, social protection and the fight against child labour

  2. World Social Protection Report  2014-2015

    The report presents the latest social security trends and provides information on social protection systems, coverage, benefits and expenditures in more than 190 countries

Class choir and orchestra performance

Photos of the performance of the class choir and orchestra - Gabriel Peri School (France) at the IPEC International Steering Committee Meeting on June 10th.

Videos and songs on child labour

"Anthem Against Child Labour " by the Global March Against Child Labour and BBA-SACCS, feat. Punjabi rock singer and actor Jasbir Jassi "Til Everyone Can See", by Mike Einziger & Ann Marie Simpson, feat. Pharrel, Hans Zimmer, Travis Barker

"Petits travailleurs" et "Mon enfant" by Choeur pour l’abolition du travail des enfants from Côte d'Ivoire