Resources on social dialogue and child labour


  1. Child Labour and Education for All - A resource guide for trade unions and a call against child labour and for education for all

    08 September 2014

    The links between child labour and education are clear – children with no access to education have little alternative but to enter the labour market, where they are often forced to work in dangerous and exploitative conditions. Hence, expanding access to free and compulsory education is crucial to reducing child labour, as is the provision of quality education. Access to education is a necessary but insufficient element as the challenge is to keep children in school and equip them with relevant skills.


  1. India: Converging against child labour – A training manual for trade unions

    30 June 2013

    This training manual is intended to work as an aid to build an understanding on child labour issues and suggests strategies for Trade Unions to deal with the issue of child labour in a coordinated and convergent manner.


  1. The Role and Responsibilities of Social Actors involved in Prevention and Combating of Child Labour in the Republic of Moldova

    01 December 2010

    This brochure was also printed in December 2010 and disseminated by the end of the project among relevant stakeholders for use in their daily work.

  2. What can trade unions do? - How to prevent and eliminate the worst forms of child labour

    01 September 2010

    This brochure is meant to help trade unions understand child labour and to serve as a guide for actions to prevent and eliminate the worst forms of child labour in kosovo.

  3. A report on a piloted model and its good practices - Mongolia

    01 June 2010

    In this report, good practices were identifi ed and documented from what had been developed within the Framework of the project "Support for the Proposed Sub-Programme to Eliminate the Worst Forms of Child Labour: Time Bound Measures", implemented from October 2005 to May 2010 by the ILO's International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) in Mongolia (MON0550USA_FTPR_1009_Annex D)

  4. Sowing the future: The experience of the Social Forum for Flower Production

    01 May 2010

    Through social dialogue, the Social Forum for Flower Production is aiming at preventing and eliminating child labour in the Ecuadorian cut-flower sector.

  5. The Social Partners and IPEC: Action against child labour, 2008-2009 - Supplementary report to the IPEC International Steering Committee

    08 March 2010

    This Supplementary report to the IPEC International Steering Committee Report offers a detailed presentation of social partners activities and achievements in collaboration with IPEC from 2008-2009.The information provided in this booklet is for the purpose of comparison, knowledge sharing and to encourage future social partner action.

  6. Roadmap to make Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic a child labour free zone. Programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation guide.

    01 March 2010

  7. Preparation of a Roadmap for the prevention and elimination of child labour and its worst forms. Concept note.

    01 March 2010


  1. Role of employers' and workers' organisations in combating child labour

    01 October 2006

    This paper explores the extent and scope of the engagement between IPEC and employers' and workers' organizations with a particular focus on activities initiated over the last two years. A typology of social partner engagement with the Programme is presented. The paper argues that it is important to go beyond simple monetary indicators of engagement and look at more qualitative dimensions.