List of books, papers, articles and working papers potentially relevant for PCI

A useful resource list for Policy Coherence Initiatives

Resource list | 11 October 2007

List of books , papers Articles and working papers potentially relevant for PCI


Scholz, Cichon, Hagemejer: Social Budgeting. ILO, 2000

Cichon, Scholz, v.d. Meerendonk, Hagemejer, Plamondon and Bertranou: Financing Social Protection (in print).


Jobs and Incomes in a Globalizing World, by Ajit K. Ghose, ILO, Geneva 2003


Ajit K. Ghose, “Trade liberalization, employment and global inequality”, in International Labour Review, vol. 139, no. 3, 2000

Ajit K. Ghose, “Global inequality and international trade”, in Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol. 28, no. 2, March 2004

Working Papers

2000/3 Trade liberalization and manufacturing employment, by Ajit K. Ghose

2001/12 Global economic inequality and international trade, by Ajit K. Ghose

2002/33 Trade and international labour mobility, by Ajit K. Ghose

2002/34 Trade liberalization and manufacturing employment: The case of India, by Bishwanath Goldar

2002/35 Manufactured exports, employment, skills and wages in Malaysia, by Rajah Rasiah

2002/39 Employment, wages and income inequality in the internationalization of China’s economy, by Wing Thye Woo & Ruoen Ren

2002/41 Trade liberalization and labour markets: Perspective from OECD economies, by Michael Landesmann, Robert Stehrer and Sandra Leitner

2002/44 External liberalization, macroeconomic instability and the labour market in Brazil, by Matias Vernengo

2003/55 Trade liberalization in Mexico: Its impact on growth, employment and wages, by Gabriel Palma

N. Majid Globalisation and poverty. EP /54- ( No hard copies available anymore )--

N. Majid What is the effect of open trade regimes on wages and poverty? ( forthcoming)

Employment Paper No. 2003/32: The South African labour market in a globalizing world, by Haroon Bhorat.

Employment Strategy Paper No. 2004/1: Macroeconomic reforms and a labour policy framework for India, by Jayati Ghosh.

Employment Strategy Paper No. 2004/2: Macroeconomic reforms, labour markets and labour policies: Chile, 1973-2000, by Guillermo Campero.

Employment Strategy Paper No. 2004/3: Employment and labour market effects of globalization: selected issues for policy management, by Haroon Bhorat

Macroeconomic stability, growth and employment – Issues and considerations beyond the Washington Consensus – by Muhammed Muqtada (Employment Paper No. 2003/48)

Avoiding the stabilization trap: Towards a macroeconomic policy framework for growth, employment and poverty reduction – by Iyanatul Islam (Employment Paper No. 2003/53)

Fiscal strategy for growth and employment in Pakistan : An alternative consideration – by Tarik A. Haq (Employment Paper No. 2003/56)

Forthcoming: Development with Higher Employment and Productivity in the era of globalization, by Amit Bhaduri



Eddy Lee and Marco Vivarelli : Understanding Globalization, Employment and Poverty Reduction, MacMillam, fortcoming

Tony Shorocks and Rolph van der Hoeven: Growth, inequality and poverty, prospects for pro-poor economic development,OUP. 2004

Relevant WCSDG Working papers

16 Almeida dos Reis, José Guilherme:International Finance: Meeting the needs of people in developing countries

21 Clunies Ross, Anthony: Resources for social development

22 DiCaprio, Alisa & Amsden, Alice:Does the new international trade regime leave room for industrialization policies in the middle-income countries?

23 García Hurtado, Alvaro:Social Dimension of Globalisation in Latin America: Lessons from Bolivia and Chile

26 Heimans, Jeremy: Reforming global economic and social governance: a critical review

31 Lapeyre, Frédéric: Globalization and Structural Adjustment as a Development Tool

33 Milberg, William :The changing structure of trade and global production systems: what are the policy implications?

37 Solimano, Andrés:Globalization, History and International Migration –A View from Latin America