Activity 12: Global methodology

The larger objective of the project is to promote better monitoring progress made towards decent work by developing countries. An important aspect of the project is therefore the dissemination of results and the production of a global methodology, which promotes replication beyond the pilot countries covered by the project, encouraging other countries to develop their own strategies for better monitoring decent work results.

This is one of the key activities of the project and is implemented by the ILO, drawing on experiences accumulated through all activities implemented by the project in pilot countries. This methodology will be an important future EC/ILO tool in support of decent work world-wide, as it will be mainstreamed within ILO activities at the country-level. It will be distributed and made available to all ILO members beyond the pilot countries.

The global methodology for self-assessing and self-monitoring DW, will be focussed on: (i) how to define and calculate the DW indicators, (ii) how to collect DW statistics from national surveys and how to generate and present data tables, and (iii) how to interpret data trends of DW in an integrated approach and produce national studies on DW.

The methodology includes:
This global methodology will be presented at the Global Conference (18-19 November 2013), and was discussed at the 19th ICLS (2-11 October 2013).

For further information, please see the Report on Progress and Outcomes on the Monitoring and Measurement of Decent Work, prepared for the 19th International Conference of Labour Statisticians (available in English, French and Spanish). A short presentation on the Progress and Outcomes of the ILO pilot programmes on Measuring and Monitoring Decent Work is also available here.