MAP Project includes 14 activities ranging from preparation of country-studies to consultations and workshops, from trainings and knowledge-sharing to the production of manuals and guidelines. MAP activities are planned at national, regional and global levels.


Activity 1 – hold a global meeting on measuring and monitoring decent work

Activity 2 – initiate and maintain a website for the project and media activities on measuring decent work

Activity 11 – incorporation of statistics in decent work databases

Activity 12 – produce and publish a manual on the “global methodology to self-monitor and self-assess progress towards decent work” in support of the decent work agenda

Activity 13 – produce a Toolkit for Mainstreaming Decent Work into technical cooperation projects and programmes of the European Union

Activity 14 – hold a global conference on Monitoring and Assessing Progress towards Decent Work


Activity 3 – hold regional workshops on decent work indicators

Activity 10 - hold regional training and knowledge-sharing workshops


Activity 4 – prepare background country studies on labour market information systems

Activity 5 – hold tripartite consultation workshops to identify decent work indicators at national level

Activity 6 – support national statistical offices or other relevant institutions in collecting better statistics linked to the identified decent work indicators

Activity 7 – carry out country-studies on decent work indicators (Decent Work Country Profiles)

Activity 8 – hold tripartite validation workshops to disseminate the results of the country studies and to discuss the integration of these results into the national development strategies and the Decent Work Country Programmes

Activity 9 – publish and launch country studies through media campaigns

MAP Activités
MAP Actividades