Activity 11: Decent work databases

In order to make statistical information accessible and user-friendly, MAP project provides support for the integration of country-specific data into regional databases and a global database developed by the ILO, including all relevant metadata and other tools (survey questionnaires, methods). Existing DW databases are therefore strengthened under the project.

The project has contributed to:

1. At the global level:
  • The inclusion of DW indicators - compiled by MAP - and the updating the global database on wages and conditions of work and employment laws, in collaboration with ILO/TRAVAIL -  TRAVAIL
  • The inclusion of DW indicators - compiled by MAP - into the STAT Database on DW, in collaboration with STATISTICS Department - LABORSTA
  • The compilation of data for the Employment Protection Legislation Database - EPLex
2. At the regional level:
  • In Africa: The compilation of statistical decent work indicators for Africa to be integrated in the future regional database of WEAMU and SADC and for the Regional report on DW indicators in Africa, in collaboration with STATISTICS and Africa Regional Office of ILO - an inventory of available decent work indicators throughout the last decade in order to reveal gaps and provide recommendations and tools in view of harmonizing methods to measure decent work at the regional level for the future sub-regional databases (initiated by SADC, WEAMU and Africa Union) - Decent Work Indicators in Africa - A first assessment based on national sources. The compiled indicators are to be incorporated into the global database on decent work managed by ILO/STATISTICS.
  • In Latin America: The development of methods on data harmonization, in the perspective of developing regional database on decent work indicators within MERCOSUR. 
3. At country level: National Decent Work Indicators - Data Tables & Graphs

Data Tables Graphs
  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Niger
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Ukraine
  • Zambia

More information will be posted as it become available.