Activity 6: Data collection and analysis support

Based on the decent work indicators identified at national level, as well as on the recommendations for data collection, MAP is supporting work to improve the collection of relevant decent work statistics. This process is resource-intensive, especially since statistics related to selected indicators should be representative and produced at a useful level of disaggregation (sex, age, ethnicity, region).

As the activities of the project are country-specific they largely depend upon the existing statistical capacity of the pilot countries. Activities include the design of labour force surveys (LFS) and other household surveys, establishment surveys or other instruments, and further support for the improvement of administrative record databases. Other activities include sampling, data collection methods, data processing and database management. The objective is to ensure sustainability of results through improvement of existing questions or integrating new ones into national statistical instruments and enhancing national capacities for data collection and analysis.

The International Labour Organization provides technical cooperation support for this exercise – undertaken by national statistical institutes and ministries of labour – drawing on the large expertise of the ILO Policy Integration and Statistics Departments, ILO specialized programmes, as well as regional and sub-regional offices.
MAP/ILO also provides technical assistance to the design and the implementation of labour force surveys, in collaboration with IPEC/SIMPOC, Forced Labour Programme, TRAVAIL: Zambia (2012 LFS), Cambodia (2011/12 LFS and child labour survey), Bangladesh (2012 LFS and child labour survey), Niger (2012 LFS and informal sector survey), Indonesia (2012 provincial LFS), Philippines (2012 provincial LFS), Brazil (2012 new households survey PNAD and municipal households surveys).

Full documentation and LFS questionnaires (ILO and MAP countries) are available here below:

LFS QuestionnairesDocumentation