Activity 4: Background country studies on labour market information systems and data collection

The project planned an overview, in each pilot country, taking stock of the main elements of the country’s decent work country programme (DWCP), listing other cooperation projects related to decent work and employment. These studies are providing ILO, EC and other donors with a view to identify future synergies of this intervention, examining existing decent work statistics produced at the national level, which could be further used to identify and monitor trends in decent work.

They provide an overview of existing survey instruments (such as labour force surveys, household surveys) as well as an overview of administrative databases, including relevant databases from ministries of labour and labour inspection services. They also helped identifying ILO EC support on data collection and analysis on decent work.

National background studies have been conducted in the following countries: Bangladesh, CambodiaIndonesiaNiger, Peru and Zambia. In Indonesia and Peru a survey presentation has been undertaken.