CEB Toolkit Application: Uruguay

The Toolkit has been adapted to be used at country level to assist UN Country Teams, national constituents and stakeholders, and other development partners to mainstream employment and decent work in national development frameworks. A checklist for use specifically at country-level was developed.

Mainstreaming decent work in the UNDAF

The implementation of the Toolkit in Uruguay began as this UN Reform pilot country was going through the mid-term UNDAF and Programme review. The Toolkit was presented to the UNCT and used to incorporate decent work throughout the UNDAF programming process (including the CCA, the UNDAF and Action plan). In addition, the Toolkit was identified as a tool to support the eventual evaluation of the UNDAF. In addition, some individual agencies such as IOM also went through the self-assessment. A brochure has been created to highlight the importance of decent work for the United Nations System to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in a context of crisis and presents the case of Uruguay.

Joint initiatives

As a direct result of mainstreaming in the UNDAF process, a number of joint initiatives with other agencies have been elaborate:

• ILO/CINTERFOR, UNDP and UNIDO launched a joint initiative for the promotion of System Measurement and Improvement of Productivity (SIMAPRO) in Uruguay. The Decent Work Agenda and the Global Jobs Pact are used as a framework. The three agencies and the national counterparts have agreed to invest resources in the first phase which involves the Government, Employers, Unions and the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay.

• ILO/Cinterfor with UNDP, UNFPA, UNESCO, UNIFEM and UNV organized a video contest which received national coverage. Over 75 videos were submitted by young people on the theme of youth participation. The videos submitted on Child Labour and Rural Employment were among the winners. Visit the contest website (in Spanish): Contá en corto