Concept Note - Capacity building workshop on labour force survey data management and analysis in SADC member states, Johannesburg, South Africa (10-12 December 2013)


The need for the creation of a SADC Labour Market Information System (LMIS) was approved by the Integrated Committee of Ministers (ICM) in June 2007 and reiterated by the SADC Min isters responsible for Employment and Labour and Social Partners in Maseru in April 2008. The LMIS is one of the key priorities in the SADC Decent Work Programme approved in May 2013.

The motivation for setting up the LMIS in the SADC region is evident in that various stakeholders confirmed the need to have information on labour market dynamics in the region so that they could be informed of the investment intentions, labour market policies regarding national education and training needs, labour migration, minimum wages legislative and regulatory reforms, available job opportunities, and sensitization on the actions taken to modify the demand for labour; thus ultimately shaping public policies and programmes in the SADC Region.

The Decent Work Agenda provides a conceptual basis for a comprehensive Labour Market Information System. Furthermore, to track the extent to which the Decent Work Agenda will be achieved, a robust, holistic labour market information system which draws on inter-sector and multi-stakeholder linkages and relationships is essential. The importance of LMIS is enshrined in the ILO Convention concerning labour statistics, 1985 (No.160) and Recommendation concerning labour statistics, 1985 (No.170).

The Three Year SADC Labour Market Information Implementation Plan for the period 2013 – 2016 highlights the need to: (a) develop an awareness and communication strategy on LMIS; (b) develop or strengthen LMIS institutional structures in Member States and at the regional level; and (c) provide training and capacity building support to Member States to implement and maintain the LMIS.

Objective of Training

The objective of the training is to strengthen the technical capacity of the staff of Bureaus of Statistics and Ministries of Labour and Employment in the use of labour force survey data for the production of labour market information and analysis. The training also aims to provide inputs for the development of national and regional labour market information databases in SADC based on SADC Minimal list of indicators and standard definitions and concepts.

This training will contribute to the implementation of SADC Decent Work Programme “Outcome 1.1: Functional SADC Labour Market Information System harmonized and strengthened”:
  • Output 1.1.1: Capacity for LMIS in SADC Member States strengthened;
  • Output 1.1.2: Institutional framework and mechanisms for collecting, analyzing and disseminating labour market information is established and strengthened at country and SADC level.

Expected results

The training will contribute to an improved understanding of labour market information and analysis systems, the standard concepts and definitions, and in the context of such systems enable participants to analyse labour force survey data using ADePT software.

ADePT is a software platform for automated labour market information and analysis. The program is designed to simplify and speed-up the production of analytical results. The software serves as a bridge between survey data produced by statistical agencies and labour market analysis undertaken by a broader group of users. It facilitates the production of tables based on internationally agreed statistical standards and minimizes human errors.

At the end of the training the participants will have an improved understanding of key labour market indicators and be able to use ADePT to produce labour market indicators based on ILO standards.

Results include the drafting a SADC LMIS report based on the SADC Minimal list of indicators. A Module on Labour Migration for Labour Force Survey will be discussed.


The training will be conducted by ILO Experts.

One part of the training will be conducted with plenary presentations in an interactive format. The second part will be practical based on individual and group exercises and the use of ADePT software. The third part will focus on drafting of the plan of SADC LMIS report and Labour Migration Module for Labour Force Survey Questionnaire.


The training will be co-organized by SADC Secretary and ILO.


The training workshop will be funded by the ILO /EC Project on “Monitoring and Assessing Decent Work (MAP).”

Date and Venue

The meeting will be held from 10th to 12th December, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Address: CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL - Johannesburg-The Rosebank

The participants are requested to bring their laptop.


The target group of this training consists of senior officials working on the production, analysis and dissemination of labor statistics. The Participants will be drawn from the following institutions:

Ministry of Labour in Member States (One person);

National Bureau of Statistics in Member States (One person)

SADC Secretariat

SATUCC Secretariat ( One person)

SADC Private Sector Forum Secretariat ( One person)

Daily Schedule

- From 9:00 AM to 5 PM

- Lunch for an hour

- Coffee break twice for 20 min.


English with translation into French and Portuguese


For further information on the training session, please contact:

Kau Tshepo,

Coffi Agossou,

Arnold Chitambo,