Inter-agency Technical Meeting 'Building employment and decent work into sustainable recovery and development – The UN contribution'

Conference paper | ILO Training Centre, Turin, Italy | 21 January 2011
In the wake of the global financial, food and energy crises, UN agencies and the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) have taken steps to respond to the growing demand of developing countries for assistance in addressing new and old labour market vulnerabilities. In doing so, they are rethinking conventional views about growth-employment-poverty linkages. There is a new consensus on the need for policy coherence across macroeconomic policies, structural industrial change and a distinctive range of labour market policies and institutions. There is also stronger emphasis on evidence of success as the basis of policy choice. But how to make sure that the specialized knowledge of each agency is used to develop new collective policy wisdom, comprehensive data collection, and research that is practical and actionable? The ILO-UNDESA interagency meeting in Turin on 29 November- 1st December 2011 produced a number of ideas for collaboration in quality research, knowledge sharing, advocacy and policy dialogue.