Technical briefs

  1. Participation in COP 15, what do climate change and the climate negotiations mean for the world of work? Answers in an ILO Technical Brief

    01 June 2009

    Although the inter-relations between climate change and social- and economic development are increasingly being recognized they have yet to translate into more coherent economic, social and environmental policies. In this respect, the new global agreement on climate means an opportunity that cannot be missed to incorporate the employment and social dimension of measures to adapt and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This brief identifies the most relevant issues for policy coherence and for the promotion of green and decent job creation and how the current gap could be bridged. The document also highlights the need to manage the different –negative and positive- impacts of climate change itself and climate change-related policies.

  2. Technical Brief No. 1: Labour Shares

    01 January 2007

    This brief examines the decline in labour shares over the past few decades. Several studies provide evidence that many aspects of globalization, in particular financial openness and financial crises, have contributed to this decline.

  3. The social and decent work dimensions of a new Agreement on Climate Change: A Technical Brief

    15 August 2006

    The brief contains summaries of the state of knowledge about climate change, the mechanisms and the effects and of the repercussions for the world of work. It introduces salient features of the present international climate regime such as the UN convention and the Kyoto Protocol and of the current negotiations to arrive at a new global agreement in Copenhagen in December 2009.

  4. Decent Work and the Millennium Development Goals - An ILO information folder

    01 September 2005

    It features a brief on each of the eight MDGs as they relate to the Decent Work Agenda, as well as an overview and reference list.

  5. Policy Briefs on recommendations of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization

    01 January 2005

    These brief reviews of key global policy issues are drawn from the report of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization, which was established by the International Labour Organization and co-chaired by President Halonen of Finland and President Mkapa of Tanzania.