Impact of the project: Addressing European labour market and social challenges for a sustainable globalization

The results of the study are disseminated as a special EC-IILS joint discussion paper series of the International Institute for Labour Studies.

The findings of the research complement the European Commission's capacity to respond to the short-term labour market and social challenges of the current economic and financial crisis, as well as ensuring the joint social and environmental sustainability of globalization by adding value through an international and multilateral perspective.

Preliminary findings were presented at the “ILO-EC Joint Management Workshop” in Brussels on 31 March, 2011. The workshop was hosted by the Director of European Commission's Directorate-General Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Georg Fischer, and the Director of ILO’s Institute for International Labour Studies, Raymond Torres. Lead authors of the two synthesis reports presented their work which was then discussed with and commented by experts from the European Commission, OECD, the World Bank and other international organizations. Resulting comments were taken into account for the finalization of the project.

The final reports and related research material were launched in November 2011.