New modes of production at the global level: Opportunities and challenges for the world of work

Session I

International Conference Tuesday 20 January 2015 - Collège de France, Paris

Panel - Opportunities and challenges of global production networks

  • Global production networks - trends and implications: Mr Raymond Torres, Director, Research Department, International Labour Office
  • The concept of global value chains: Ms Florence Palpacuer, Professor, Université Montpellier 1
  • Towards decent work - global production networks: Ms Stéphanie Barrientos, Professor, University of Manchester, UK
  • Global value chains and the world of work in India: Mr Alakh N. Sharma, Director, Institute for Human Development, India
  • Capturing the gains in Africa: Mr Shane Godfrey, Professor, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Audio | 18 February 2015