ILO Research department seminar

Youth Employment: Flows in and out during the Great Recession

Presenter: Inmaculada Cebrián, Universidad de Alcalá - Chair: Sara Elder, Youth Employment Programme

Recent labor market reforms have tried to smooth the extremely rough situation of young people in the Spanish labor market. Most of these measures have been focused on the promotion of stable youth employment. The aim of this paper is to assess whether the path into permanent employment has been improved as well as the stability of jobs in the case of young people under 30 years old. The reference period is 2007-2015 and the database merges two administrative datasets: the Register of Contracts from Public Employment Service and the Continuous Sample of Working Life (MCVL) from Social Security records. Some preliminary studies on these issues, using probabilistic and duration analysis, show that incentives for permanent contracts in the case of young people have not contributed to improve neither the probability to access into a permanent employment nor their level of stability.