The Education programme seeks to develop the Institute's role as a centre for policy dialogue, learning and knowledge sharing with ILO constituents, ILO staff, the academic community, and external practitioners and policy makers working on labour and social issues. It provides a global platform for discussion of emerging social issues through social policy forums, panel discussions and interactive online conferences. It contributes to strengthening the capacity of ILO constituents for social policy research and analysis through courses, seminars and study visits. It also encourages academic work on areas of concern to the ILO through lectures, fellowships and student internships.

The ILO Decent Work Research Prize Award Ceremony 2011

The International Labour Organization (ILO) today announced that the ILO Decent Work Research Prize will be awarded to Professor Jayati Ghosh (India) and Professor Eve C. Landau (Israel and Switzerland) for their outstanding contribution to knowledge on the central concerns of the ILO.

International Internship Course

On behalf of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Institute for Labour Studies organizes an Annual Internship Course on Labour and Social Policies for the Promotion of Decent Work. The courses are intended for middle-level officials in ministries of labour and in employers' and workers' organizations who are expected to rise to positions of greater responsibility in the future. Approximately twenty fellowships are offered for each course and cover the travel and living expenses of participants. The three groups of the ILO Governing Body select the countries and organizations to be invited to nominate candidates. The final selection of participants is the responsibility of the Director of the International Institute for Labour Studies.
  1. International Internship Course 2012 (French only)
  2. International Internship Course 2011
  3. International Internship Course 2010 (Spanish only)

Visiting Scholar Programme

The Institute's Visiting Scholar Programme offers an opportunity for academics with a specialization in labour and social policy to use Institute facilities, office space and access to ILO documentation services.