104th Session of the International Labour Conference

General guidelines for constituents using social media

During the 104th session of the International Labour Conference the ILO will tweet from @ILO (English), @OITNoticias (Spanish), @OITinfo (French). The official hashtag for this years's International Labour Conference is #ILC2015.

ILO official tweets will also be displayed on the ILO's Facebook page and on the ILO's Linkedin account.

General guidelines:

If delegates plan to use their personal Twitter account, here are a few suggestions:
  • Ensure that the information you are about to share on social media can be made public.
  • Ensure all tweets contain hashtag #ILC2015 and when possible direct tweets to @ILO.
  • Focus on content that will contribute to a conversation and avoid general statements.

Getting ready:

  • Before the event, it is helpful to announce your participation at the conference – for example: “Getting ready for the start of the #ILC2015 with @ILO”. Alternatively, if you know which session you will be attending, you can provide the specific name.
  • If you know names of speakers/panelists, it is beneficial to check if they are on Twitter and keep their usernames handy. For instance: “Getting ready to hear ILO’s DG @GuyRyder speak at #ILC2015”.
  • You can search tweets including #ILC2015 to see what others are saying prior to the event, and to get a better idea of who is attending and to even engage in conversations.

Tweeting live:

  • Make sure the session is open to the public before tweeting on proceedings.
  • Be selective, don’t overload your followers with a commentary on the session.
  • If someone says something interesting, share with your followers, but quote accurately and cite your sources. Again, check the hashtag #ILC2015 at the event to see what others are saying. This is also a good way to connect in ‘real life’.


  • If you choose to tweet after the event, ensure tweets are in past tense.
  • Offer a reflection of your day, what you learned, and what you thought was the most interesting.

Note: The use of online services to publicize ILO information does not entail an endorsement of service providers nor of the terms and conditions these may set out for users.