Committee on SMEs and Employment Creation

This Committee examined Report IV below. It met from 1 to 10 June in Room XVII (Palais des Nations) according to its Plan of Work.

Reports submitted to the Conference

  1. Report IV

    Small and medium-sized enterprises and decent and productive employment creation

    01 April 2015

Background information

  1. ILC Radio Round-up

    Day 2: A look at the Committee on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

    02 June 2015

    With two-thirds of the world’s workers employed in SMEs, policies to bolster their success is an ILC priority.

  2. 104th International Labour Conference

    Getting it right for small and medium-sized enterprises

    02 June 2015

    How to support small and medium-sized enterprises through government policies is a focus of debate at this year's International Labour Conference.