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Social security for social justice and a fair globalization

The ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization was adopted by the International Labour Conference at its 97th Session in 2008. In setting out follow-up actions, it directed the Office to introduce a scheme of recurrent item discussions at the International Labour Conferences, taking up, in turn, each of the four strategic objectives, in order to “understand better the diverse realities and needs of its Members with respect to each of the strategic objectives, respond more effectively to them, using all the means of action at its disposal, including standards-related action, technical cooperation, and the technical and research capacity of the Office, and adjust its priorities and programmes of action accordingly”. At its 304th Session (March 2009), the Governing Body decided that the second recurrent discussion at the 100th Session of the Conference in 2011 would be dedicated to the strategic objective of social protection, and should specifically focus on social security. The Office report (Report VI) provides background information for that discussion.

Committee sessions: Palais des Nations (Room XIX) - 1-4 June (week 1), 6-10 June (week 2), June 13 (adoption of the report)

Background information

  1. Questions and Answers on the Convention Concerning Decent Work for Domestic Workers

    21 June 2011

    The landmark treaty setting standards for the treatment of domestic workers that was adopted at the International Labour Conference in Geneva has been widely hailed as a milestone. The Convention and accompanying Recommendation on decent work for domestic workers aim at protecting and improving the working and living conditions of domestic workers worldwide - estimated to number anywhere between 53 million and 100 million. ILO Online spoke to Manuela Tomei, Director of the ILO’s Conditions of Work and Employment Programme.

  2. Statement by H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, President of the United Republic of Tanzania, at the 100th Session of International Labour Conference

    15 June 2011

    Check against Delivery

  3. BRICS countries lead the way in social security extension

    15 June 2011

    High-level representatives of five emerging countries that represent 40 percent of the world’s population and nearly 30 percent of its surface area told delegates at the annual ILO conference that the extension of social security is an essential investment in sustainable social and economic development and one that is affordable where there is the necessary political will.

  4. Indonesian President calls for Global Coalition for Youth Employment

    14 June 2011

    The President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, has called for a global coalition to tackle youth employment in an address to a special session of the 100th International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva.

  5. Information session on "Milestones in social security development: Extension of coverage in the BRICS countries"

    Delegates are invited to an information session on the extension of social security coverage organized by the ISSA featuring Ministers from the BRICS countries (Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa).

  6. UN Women and ILO join forces to promote women’s empowerment in the workplace

    13 June 2011

    The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN-Women) signed a wide-ranging Memorandum of Understanding with the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva, Monday 13 June, on key issues including promoting gender equality, eliminating sex discrimination, protecting domestic workers, promoting social protection floors and combating gender-based violence at work.

  7. Discussions on social security for all get under way

    07 June 2011

    The 100th International Labour Conference has started discussions on ways to establish social security for all as a powerful and affordable tool to promote economic growth, reduce poverty and mitigate the impact of crises. Yet, only about 20 percent of the world’s working age population has access to comprehensive social security systems, according to a new conference report, entitled “Social Security for Social Justice and a fair Globalization”.

  8. Social security for social justice and a fair globalization: Questions and answers

    03 June 2011

    Over the past several years, the ILO has adopted a number of measures designed to promote social security coverage for the vast majority of the world’s workers who currently lack coverage. Yet, in a world marked by rapidly spreading financial and economic fluctuations, the capacity of individuals to cope alone with economic risks is even more limited than before. It is in this context that the 100th Session of the ILC in June 2011 will discuss the strategic objective of social protection and specifically focus on social security.

  9. Namibia: Delivering Pensions to Remote Communities

    02 June 2011

    In Namibia the government has found an innovative way to deliver its universal pension scheme to elderly people living in remote rural areas: a public private partnership that has seen pension money distributed using vehicles equipped with cash machines and a biometric recognition system. Nearly all elderly people over the age of 60 are now able to access their pension payment; money which is going a long way to alleviate poverty in Namibia.

  10. Global Job Crisis Observatory: Social Protection in times of crisis

    01 June 2011

  11. Social Protection Floor: Access to essential social services and income security for all

    31 May 2011

    A global social policy approach promoting integrated strategies for providing access to essential social services and income security for all.

  12. A Window of Opportunity for Social Protection

    31 May 2011

    ILO TV interviews Michael Cichon, Director of the ILO's Social Security Department, about the committee discussion to take place at the 100th International Labour Conference on the ILO's strategic objective of social protection. The committee will run from June 1 to 13, 2011 and will focus on social security and how it can contribute to social justice and a fair globalization.

  13. Pension reform and ageing populations in developed economies

    01 May 2011

    The forthcoming Session of the International Labour Conference will also discuss pension reform in developed economies. The debate will be continued in 2012 when the Conference will hold a general discussion on employment and social protection in the new demographic context.

  14. Social security and ageing populations in developing countries

    01 May 2011

    It is common knowledge that life expectancy in Western countries has increased over the past several decades and will continue to rise. However, it may come as a surprise to some that the ratio of elderly people is rising faster in the developing world than in industrialized countries.