High Level Panels on Youth

Panel 1 (a): “Arab Youth - Aspiring for Social Justice''

Thursday, 9 June 2011, 15:00 - Geneva, Palais des Nations, Assembly Hall

Video Highlights of the Panel: 'Arab Youth - Aspiring for Social Justice'

ILO Director-General's opening remarks at the Panels on Youth

>> Watch the video highlights of the panels on ``Arab Youth: Aspiring for social justice``
This panel reviewed recent developments in the region through the perspective of young people who made these changes happen by tackling the challenges of exclusion, poverty and inequality. Young activists from Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen who were influential in profiling key issues, participating in protests and mobilizing peers into action on the streets of several cities of North Africa and the Middle East shed light on the socio-economic factors that drove them to become “agents of history”. They also discussed how social mobilization, including through trade unions and by using new media and social networks enabled them to make their voices heard, share information and mobilize for collective action on issues of social justice. >> Read the full summary report of the panel discussion on “Arab youth: Aspiring for social justice”


  • Ms Samera Abdullah, Yemen, Deputy Editor, Yamaniya Newspaper and President of the Equal Citizenship Organization
  • Mr. Marouen Cherif, Tunisia, Coordinator of Young Workers, UGTT (Tunisian general Union of labor)
  • Ms Nazly Hussein, Egypt, student, activist
  • Mr Wissam Khedim, Algeria, activist
  • Others to be confirmed
Moderator: Ms. Jacki Davis, Senior Adviser, European Policy Centre

Panel 1 (b): “Global Youth: Leading Change”

Thursday, 9 June 2011, 16:30 - Geneva, Palais des Nations, Assembly Hall

Watch the highlights of the panel on: `"Global Youth: Leading Change"

Vox Pops: Young Voices in Search of Decent Work

>> Watch the full video recording of the panel on "Global Youth: Leading Change"
Youth leaders tell ILO they need “jobs”, but express optimism for the future
This panel explored key employment, social and political challenges faced by youth in different regions of the world through the voices of a diverse group of panellists engaged in the advancement of young people’s position in society. The discussion built on the panel on the Arab region by bringing in broader geographical perspectives and themes that are shared by young people across the globe. Particular emphasis was placed on young people’s role in promoting social justice in today’s world.


  • Ms Monique Coleman – UN Youth Champion
  • Ms Alanda Kariza, Indonesia, young author and President of “The cure for tomorrow”
  • Mr Octavio Rubio Rengifo, Colombia, General Confederation of Workers, Department of Young Workers.
  • Mr Roberto Suarez Santos,Youth Employment Specialist, Spanish, Confederation of Employers
  • Others to be confirmed
Moderator: Ms. Jacki Davis, Senior Adviser, European Policy Centre

High level segment of the International Labour Conference

  1. During the 100th session of the International Labour Conference (ILC), the ILO held a series of five High level Panels on:

  2. “Arab Youth: Aspiring for Social Justice”

  3. “Global Youth: Leading Change”

  4. "Employment and Social Justice in a Globalizing Economy"

  5. "The role of decent work in a fairer, greener and more sustainable globalization"

  6. "The need for a new era of social justice"