Interpretation services

Interpretation services are provided at group, plenary and committee meetings in the seven working languages of the Conference (English, French, Spanish and Arabic, Chinese, German and Russian).

It is worth recalling that all delegates who are registered to speak in plenary are requested to send an electronic copy of their speech to 24 hours before they are scheduled to speak. It is important that the subject of the email includes the name of the delegation and, if known, the date and time at which the speech will be delivered. This text version will be posted on the Conference website shortly after delivery, together with the audio recordings in the original language, as well as any interpretation into English, French and Spanish.

Delegates who are registered to speak in technical committees are requested to send an electronic copy of their speeches to the following addresses:

Speakers are strongly encouraged to speak slowly, in particular when reading statements, so that the interpreters are able to accurately render their message.

It should be noted that the interpretation of proceedings serves to facilitate communication and does not constitute an authentic or verbatim record of the proceedings.