110th Session of the International Labour Conference (2022)

Access to Conference proceedings by non-accredited ILO constituents and the general public

Tripartite constituents or additional representatives of organizations invited as observers not included in the official delegations to the Conference, or any other group or person may also follow virtually the debates of the Conference and its committees as explained below.

Conference Plenary

Any person interested in plenary sittings will be able to follow them live or to replay any sitting from the Conference website. No access code or request is necessary.

Committees and group meetings

For ILO constituents, access to public sittings of committees and to meetings of the Employers’, Workers’ and Government regional groups is possible only upon request.

Requests from Governments, Employers’ and Workers’ organizations to allow their representatives not accredited to the Conference to attend group meetings and to follow committees should be submitted through this form, including the full name, capacity and contact details of the person submitting the request, to the following e-mail addresses:
Members of academia, students, civil society organizations or the general public interested in following the debates of committees should address their request to reloff-conf@ilo.org indicating the committee they are interested in as well as the full name and e-mail address of the person or persons wishing to observe the work of the committee in question.

Zoom links to attend committee and group meetings will be issued as soon as possible, but not earlier than the day following receipt of the request.

Persons invited to follow the proceedings of groups and committees are reminded that the recording of the proceedings is not authorized. They are also reminded that the use of social media should not interfere with the work of committees and that they should abstain from posting comments about the proceedings.