109th Session of the International Labour Conference (2021)

Information concerning the plenary sitting of the resumed part of the 109th Session of the Conference

As indicated in the tentative programme of work, during the resumed part of the 109th Session, there will be only one sitting of the Conference plenary, which will be held on Saturday 11 December, to consider the reports of working parties and committees and formally close the 109th Session.

Time limits for statements

The part of the sitting devoted to consideration of the outcomes of the two general discussion working parties (Inequalities and the world of work and Skills and lifelong learning) will be subject to the time allocation described in paragraph 42 of the Special arrangements and rules of procedure, namely 90 minutes in total for each working party. The following time limits for interventions should be strictly observed to ensure that the adoption of the two outcome documents can be completed within the time available:
  • Working Party Chairperson and Reporter: up to 15 minutes combined, or 7.30 minutes each
  • Employer and Worker Vice-Chairpersons of each Working Party: 10 minutes each
  • Regional groups: 5 minutes
  • Individual delegates: 2 minutes
In the second part of the sitting, the Conference plenary will consider the reports of the Finance and Credentials Committees pertaining to their work during the resumed part of the 109th Session. The time limits for interventions will be as follows:
  • Committee Chairperson: 10-15 minutes
  • Groups: 5 minutes
  • Individual delegates: 2 minutes
The Conference plenary will conclude with the closing statements of the Officers of the Conference and the Secretary-General.

Requests to take the floor

Delegates wishing to take the floor during the consideration of the two Working Parties outcomes should send, in advance, a request to the secretariat of the Working Party concerned:
Requests for the floor concerning the reports of the Finance or Credentials Committees should be sent in advance to RELOFF-CONF@ilo.org.